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Apache Swap

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Apache Finance (APACHE) is the next generation of Automated Market Making (AMM) decentralized exchange with a deflationary governance token model. We are your go-to yield farm running on Binance Smart Chain and Pancakeswap exchange, with lots of other features that let you earn tokens.
As with the current wave of second generation yield farms, the aim is to create a perpetual deflation token, the APACHE, with a continual burn mechanism in order to field an environment that can sustain long term gains with consistently high APR for greater earnings.


Burning Mechanism
We have implemented a perpetual burning mechanism that serves as a mechanism to ensure that APACHE is kept consistently high. In particular:
  • A 2% burn fee will be charged at staking;
  • 80% of the burn fee will be used to buyback APACHE and burn it;
  • 10% will be sent to the developer’s address;
  • 10% will be held in escrow for Apache Swap, for future projects; and
  • We're in the process of introducing unique Apache NFTs as a further means by which APACHE will be burned so as to keep the value high.
  • Timelock added to contract at launch; and
  • Removed migrator code (inherited from Pancake swap).
Last modified 2yr ago