Apache Swap
Migrator Code (Rug-pulling Mechanic)
Through 'function migrate', Pancakeswap can potentially take all of your money within 6 hours. Of course given their established legitimacy, the chance of this happening is negligible.
However the code is still present in their contract and it was by exploiting this code that other notorious clones were able to "pull the rug" from under their participants (how un-warrior-like!)
Why would you ever stake your hard-earned gold on a site with this code still present? Foolishness! As honorable Apache, we have removed the migrator code from our contract which was forked out from Pancakeswap. ​
You can see the following migrator code is still present in the following link: https://github.com/pancakeswap/pancake-farm/blob/master/contracts/MasterChef.sol
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