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Token Details:

    Ticker: APACHE
    Contract address: 0x5448D402466413Ac558Eb29a670E1d0FadF54BD8
    MasterChefV2: 0xd44b338Ec9F1f759907D8E8A1093379E7f7FD4f9
    TimeLock: 0xB935682839E3a882f836Bab8fA6150B6042b6b0d
    Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
    Supply: unlimited
Masterchef ownership has been transfered to timelock tx: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x5cc8333d6bd05c84036bcded6a5ace32c4cfb4f9905bf0e5ccaf6902b3434f37
Meaning, we can't mint or change any conf without getting through the timelock.

Emission Rate:

    0.05 APACHE/block; (adjusted according to the volume of liquidity)
    1440 APACHE/day; and
The team has adjusted the emission rate by 0.012 New APACHE/block through the timelock smart contract. Our goal is to make a fair token reward emission rate to keep a bullish $APACHE price on long term or at least stable. The project is here to stay.
If the tokens sold during the Presale keep growing we’ll increase the emission rate.
All parameters may be adjusted in the future with governance voting.

Deposit fees:

    0% on stacking
    0% on APACHE pairs
    4% on other pairs.
Deposit Fee will be used to buyback APACHE
Last modified 5mo ago
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